We hope you’re surviving and even thriving during these difficult times. The Altadena Historical Society is grateful for the support of our members and donors this year.

And we hope we can count on a year-end donation to help us start strong in 2021.

We’re a lean, mean historical machine

In response to the pandemic, we extended everyone’s membership for an extra year and asked for donations to carry us through. Many of you responded with donations and we raised two-thirds of our budget due to your generosity!  As promised, we reorganized operations to cut back on expenses, yet thanks to you, we’ve had a productive, if challenging year.

Our office is still closed, due to County regulations. However, we’ve been able to maintain most services, and even add a few, like monthly e-newsletters and Zoom presentations with the help of our partner Altadena Library.

Black lives matter—and so do their histories

We’ve committed to a more robust emphasis on people of color in our community through our work with the Hidden Histories project. Our latest Echo newsletter, available via email, focuses on the struggle for women’s suffrage and contributions of women of color. We hope you enjoyed it. 

So, what’s on the agenda for AHS in 2021?

We want to hit the ground running in the new year. We plan to…

  • Offer more virtual programs
  • Build more partnerships with local organizations
  • Continue our outreach to diverse groups of Altadena’s population
  • Resume printing our newsletter (since many of you prefer print)
  • Expand our website and incorporate our blog
  • Update our archival software to take advantage of new features

Will you support our 2021 plans with a donation? The Society has existed through many downturns in the past 84 years, and we’re committed to be here in the future – in ways more vibrant and interactive than ever before – but we simply can’t do it without you. Will you stand with us?

Board of Directors

Eric Mulfinger, President
Minna Adams
Paul Ayers
Jim Benson
Jane Brackman
Marlane Forsberg
Tim Gregory
Kathy Hoskins
Veronica Jones
Jean Phillips
Sandra Thomas
Daria Topousis