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Committed to Preserving and Telling the Stories of All of Altadena

The Altadena Historical Society (AHS) has been preserving and sharing the history of our community since 1935. However, we have sometimes fallen short in capturing the full history of all its residents. We have tended to focus on the rich, white residents because those were the stories captured in the newspapers and/or collected by our predecessors who established our archives. While we have some collections about people of color, we don’t have enough, and we’re asking for your help to fix this problem.

Altadena is one of the most racially diverse communities in Los Angeles County, a fact that many of us who live here are proud of. At the Historical Society, we are committed to making sure the cultures and voices represented within Altadena’s historical narrative reflect the true and complete history. We want to use the power of history as a catalyst for building connections in our community, and to deepen our understanding of how how our diverse community has made Altadena a special place.

Can you help us fulfill this mission? We are asking for your help to chronicle the voices and stories that have long been left unheard. We are eager to collect photos, diaries, letters, oral histories, and other artifacts from the Black, Japanese American, Latinx, Indigenous, and other people of color in Altadena. Do you have records you could donate? Do you have pictures we could digitize or make copies of for preservation and sharing? Do you have stories you could share in a recorded interview? Please email us!

Now more than ever, it is important for us to serve all of Altadena. We are committed to ensuring current or future generations understand the rich history of our community by expanding out collections and sharing more stories of people of color. AHS realizes by addressing inequities we must try and make sure our organization reflects our community in voice and vision. This is a journey. We know change is hard but we will stay the course. We are committed to being on the right side of history. Please let us know if you can help.