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Tim Rutt’s altadenablog now accessible through AHS home page

They may say “Old news is no news,” 
but here at archives we believe old news is priceless.
Altadena Historical Society has successfully archived Tim Rutt’s award winning altadenablog, Altadena’s local news source that ran September 2007 through January 2014. Additionally, we’re almost ready to launch Tim’s Altadena Point published January 2014 to April 10 2015.

Remember When…
  • Fires? Helicopters? Sirens? – all you had to do was open the blog to find out when, where and why it was happening.
  • Curious about neighborhood bears and bobcats? You could fire up the blog to see the alta-critter map, a source that showed locations of all recent sightings.
  • At the touch of a button you could find out about local events, crimes, art and music happenings, elections, emergencies, pets lost and found and even read about the good news going on in Altadena.  
Other categories included: 

Both blogs, although active and searchable, are now historic documents that will round out our archived collection of Altadena newspapers going all the way back to 1928. 
Want to take a look? Go to the AHS website, find the Links pull-down menu where you’ll see altadenablog.
Thank You
  • Thank you Tim Rutt for dedicating seven years reporting the Altadena story. And thanks for giving us permission to archive the blogs.
  • Thank you Brenda Harlow of Harlow Technologies, for graciously volunteering your time to make the blog accessible through our website.
  • Thank you donors for responding to our special appeal.
Please forward this link to your 
Altadena friends and neighbors who remember Tim’s blogs.
And if you haven’t visited the AHS blog in a while, these are a few of the 87 posts you’ve missed: JR’s Coffee Shop (now El Patron); brief history of Devil’s Gate dam; Altadena Woodlands 1920-30s subdivision; the 1935 La Vina fire;  and our miniature golf course
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