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The Altadena Press

Before ALTADENA NOW and altadenblog, there was the…

COX-O-TYPE Schwart-Seymore 
Flat Bed Web Newspaper Press

The mammoth press was installed at Altadena Press, 750 E. Mariposa (today the building west of liquor store on south side of Mariposa), on Thursday, August 26, 1937. This is what the building looked like in 1937.

The Cox-O-Type Schwart-Seymore Press weighed 10 tons and  modernized newspaper publishing, speeding up printing and folding in one operation.  It changed the size, make-up, and copy style of the The Altadena Press, first published in 1928.  

The paper stated, “The Altadena Press will adopt the newer trend toward “streamlined” newspapers, which will make the paper more easily read and will present the news content in a smarter, clearer page make-up.” The publishers felt sure that readers of the press would be pleased with the efforts that were made to “give Altadena only the finest type newspaper – one in keeping with the high ideals and conceptions of the fine southland community.”