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Farnsworth Park’s Davies Building

Built in the early 1930s by unemployed Altadenans under the flag of the Works Progress Administration [WPA], the Davies Memorial Building was named in honor of Altadena booster William D.  Davies. 

Photo taken during construction.
The building was completed in 1934.

The rustic lodge-like two story structure, built with native cobblestone, cost about $50,000.  

Postcard of the Davies Building
shows grass lawn, before the 

amphitheater was built.
In recognition for its role in recreation and architecture, the Davies Building was placed on the National Register in 1997. It is one of ten registered properties in Altadena. To see the others, go to the AHS website
The building today -except for 
outdoor seating and a stage, 
not much has changed.

The Davies Building is located in 
Farnsworth Park, near the top of 
Lake Avenue, at Concha St.  

The Sheriff Support Group’s concert series takes place every Saturday in the summer at the amphiteater located on the south side of the building. Concerts start at 7:00 PM. Admission is free.  It doesn’t get any more small town that this.