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Echo Mountain House Souvenir Spoons

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Mt. Lowe souvenir spoon
showing the incline
On top of Echo Mountain, visitors who disembarked from the incline cars were welcomed by astounding views and Professor Lowe’s most elegant hotel, Echo Mountain House. 
Professor Lowe spent $8000 to furnish the
mountain top resort (rear view of hotel)
AHS collection
Designed by architect T. W. Parkes and built for $55,000 by Carson Brothers Construction Company, the Echo Mountain House opened in 1894. Thousands of people visited during the six years it was open (the hotel burned down in 1902), purchasing all kinds of memorabilia from The Bazaar, the hotel’s gift shop. We’re fortunate that so many of those souvenirs are in private and museum collections today. 
Mt. Lowe souvenir spoons
AHS collection