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Altadena Woodlands: The Subdivision Beautiful

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As this brochure from the AHS collection indicates, in the 1920s development real estate agency Rigali & Vaselish purchased land from the Allen family who owned Sphinx Ranch, and paid $1800 and acre.

“A Sales Achievement!” 

The sales brochures aimed at investors said: 

“The first portion of Altadena Woodlands offered for sale was sold out within five weeks, gross sales titling over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  The instant public approval accorded Altadena Woodlands as shown through the tremendous volume of sales in a short space of time demonstrated the high character and desirability of the homesites offered and brought out the fact that at the prices offered, the discriminating realty buyer recognized an investment opportunity.  You are invited to investigate.  Branch office Phoone colorado 2748, Main office Phone 875-633”

The development encompassed area between 
Allen and Foothill Blvd. (now called Altadena Drive), 
and was bordered by New York Avenue on the south. 
Red lines indicate developed area 
delineated by Allan (left) New York 
and Altadena Drive as it appears today. 

Michele Zack wrote:
“…A number of charming historical revival homes, mostly English and Spanish, were built before the stock market crashed, and in the 1930s some modern ranch-styles usually associated with the post WWII era began appearing here.  These are considered some of the best and earliest surviving examples of the style.…” Altadena: Between Wilderness and City  p 128