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AHS Map Collection

The AHS cartography collection includes more than 50 maps that chart Altadena’s history, progress and dreams for the future.  

Map from about 1940 shows where
New York Ave. cut across Eaton Canyon.
(Current road route is indicated by red line.)

Many are practical representations depicting the distance between places, demarcation of travel routes, and the location of boundaries. 

Realtor’s maps boast plans for future subdivisions. 

Others are whimsical graphic representations publicizing community sites, like businesses and parks. Maps tell darker stories as well, of racism, poverty, and economic downturn. Government tract maps show sub-divided pieces of land.   

Someone has indicated the location
of Camp Huntington on this old map.

Community booster maps, like those issued by the Chamber of Commerce, persuade  businesses and future home-owners to put down roots in Altadena. Reading a map is like reading a history book.  Best of all, most maps in the AHS collection are indexed for quick reference. Drop in and take a look.