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A Community Resource for the Generations

The Altadena Historical Society’s collections are archived in 800 square feet at the Altadena Community Center and include a vast array of unique historical material. Volunteers run AHS for the benefit of current and future members, residents, scholars, educators, students, writers, and journalists who want to learn more about Altadena’s past. Training is available for members interested in volunteering at the Archives.

Maintaining the archives
The archives are the heart and soul of AHS. We have processed and cataloged thousands of printed items including photographs, maps, transcripts, newspapers, books, letters, and more.

Organizing events
Our biggest events are the quarterly programs featuring guest speakers discussing specific topics relating to Altadena history. In addition, AHS volunteers lecture at smaller events at our office and at venues throughout the community. From time to time, we offer tours of historic homes, buildings, and neighborhoods.

Curating exhibits
We have dedicated significant wall space for exhibits on a variety of topics, including Mount Lowe, Millionaires’ Mansions, old phoatographs, and other ephemera. We also exhibit at Webster’s Community Pharmacy and the lobby of the Altadena Community Center.

Finding answers to your questions
Are you curious about the history of your home? Wondering about local architecture? Determined to find the truth about Altadena lore and legends? Visit the AHS office and we’ll help you find answers. If you are unable to visit the archives in person, submit a research request form.

Walking tours
In partnership with the Altadena Library and other organizations, AHS provides walking tours of neighborhoods to tell the history of buildings and families while exploring our community on foot.

Providing speakers
Currently, we offer three programs that can be presented to your group or class:
• The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Altadena
• The Millionaires Who Invented Altadena
• Altadena in the Rose Parade
We also have a program on Altadena history tailored for fourth-grade students. Volunteers are hard at work developing additional programs.

Procuring significant collections and artifacts
We depend on current and former Altadena residents to donate documents and photographs. If you think you have something of historical significance, visit this page for details on donating.

Training future volunteers
AHS members are invited to volunteer and receive training in carrying out the never-ending work of preserving and protecting Altadena’s history. Fill out this form to find out more.