Altadena History Comes to Life

An Altadena Boyhood by Richard H. Bale
The author immerses you in WWII-era Southern California where the community came together to support the war effort and Japanese Americans shipped off to internment camps. Bale brings to life his childhood with his paper route, his passion for trains and cars, and his years attending local schools
2019 ($15)

Man, Mountain and Monument: A Pictorial Account of the Mount Lowe Railway from Construction to Memorial by Mike Manning
Professor Thaddeus Lowe’s dream is brought back to life by this well-illustrated history of the Mount Lowe Railway and Resort, adapted from the author’s slide show presentation.
2015 ($15)

Altadena’s Golden Years: A Pictorial History of the Early Community by Robert H. Peterson
An excellent overview of Altadena history from the early 1800’s to the early 1900s written by a long-time Altadena resident. It features more than 250 historical images including landmarks, streets, homes, maps, and more.
1976 ($15)

Altadena: Between Wilderness and City by Michele Zack
The Altadena Historical Society recruited noted journalist, historian, and Altadenan Michele Zack to write Altadena: Between Wilderness and City.

Published by AHS in 2004, it received an Award of Excellence from the American Association of State and Local History in 2010. All available copies of Altadena: Between Wilderness and City have been sold, but you are welcome to read the reference copy in the Archives.

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