Listen to the eyewitnesses
of Altadena history

The Altadena Historical Society began collecting oral histories back in the days of audio tapes to record the personal recollections of longtime Altadenans for future generations.

We have over 35 oral histories, now on CDs. Please come to the archives to hear their memories. Transcripts are available for some of these recordings.

Our collection also includes fascinating first-person written accounts of Altadena life, including those of Richard Bale, author Growing Up in Altadena in the 1940’s and Mary Agnes Crank, who told of ranch life here in the 1870’s.

We continue to look for people with interesting experiences of life in Altadena as we add to our collection. Notable AHS oral histories include those of:

  • Adele Barnes, Altadena activist
  • Ken Bertinaue, owner of Fox's Restaurant
  • Barney Davis, Mt. Lowe tram
  • Tim Gregory, The Building Biographer, archivist and founding member of Altadena Heritage.
  • Jesse Gilton, Altadena's first black taxi driver
  • Edna Smith, Meals on Wheels (pictured above)
  • Jack Stiver, lifelong Altadena resident and owner of Stiver's 76 gas station on Lake Avenue.
  • Paul Thomas, Altadena Hardware
  • Fumiko Yuge, matriarch of the Yuge family, caretakers of the grounds of the Scripps Hall estate, now Waldorf School
  • Jiraryr Zorthian, the Altadena artist who hosted many gatherings of artists and intellectuals at his northeast Altadena ranch

More oral histories

Lucille Annas

Virginia Bagnard

Freddi Brook and Jeanette Dillinger

Jean Burden

Dale Champion

Bruce Chubbuck

Bill Crehan

Alan Dorland

Frank and Jo DuPuy

Frances Dyer

Milli Esty

Art Ferris

Herb Hull

Jane Grant

David Green

Edward Guerrant

Dr. Charles Haines Jr.

Herb Hull

Lara Johnson

William Kellogg

Laurie and Doug Kinsinger

Walter and Dorothy Lepisto

Katherine Lewis

C. Scudder Nash

Cynthia Null

Helen Shaw

Edna Smith

Oscar Werner

Edna Smith

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